The following projects are a sample of works completed during my 10-week internship with anthropologie at urbn, inc. headquarters in philadelphia. working with the art department under the art director of brand, i helped with the production of in-store signage and projects, created art for numerous projects through a variety of mediums, and aided the team in organizing the current method for in-store tagging.

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holiday packaging design

after receiving a sample of the hat/scarf duo, i was responsible for finding the best packaging solution for the product–a ready-to-go gift that the shopper was able to remove in-store to see the product. working with the sample, i constructed several mockups to present to the buying team. once deciding on a box design, i designed the remainder of the packaging, including the typography and addition of the bow. the holiday hat/scarf set sold online and on display in anthropologie stores.


employee appreciation poster

poster for summer employee appreciation. Created by painting large sheets and paper cutting shapes.

anthropologie take care : final intern project

Take Care was an idea that developed from the growing success of Anthropologie's Beauty & Wellness department. Keeping in mind Anthro's beloved monthly catalog, Take Care was intended to be a "take away" mini catalog–making a connection between the store and her life at home; constant inspiration that also influenced. All photography is my own.